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Setting New Year’s Health Goals at Pangea Family Chiropractic

By January 11, 2016January 21st, 2021No Comments

This week at Pangea Family Chiropractic, we’ve asked all of our patients to write down their New Year’s health goals for 2016. It’s been proven that writing down New Year’s health goals increases the odds of achieving those goals. Of course, this doesn’t just apply to health, but to any goal really. Statistics show that people who write down their goals in life have an over 80% higher goal achievement rate than those who don’t.

As part of this week’s health goal initiative, we’re also asking our patients to seal their New Year’s health goals in self-addressed envelopes that we’ll be mailing to them. In a few months, our clients will receive their New Year’s health goals as a friendly reminder of what they hoped to achieve in 2016. For some patients, this will be a welcome opportunity to reflect on the progress they’ve made. For others, it might be a reminder to get back on track. Either way, we’re hoping that writing down New Year’s health goals will increase success rates exponentially.

New Year’s Health Goals

Every person is different and all of our bodies have different experiences. Therefore, our goals won’t all be the same. Many people may overlap in their goals. Here are a few New Year’s health goals to get you started, but feel free to create your goals based on your body and needs.

  • Receive chiropractic care on a regular basis to increase the body’s ability to self-heal
  • Start going to yoga 1-3 times a week
  • Sign up for and complete a 5k, 10k or half marathon race
  • Shop smarter – buy local and organic products to get the proper nutrition for your body
  • Stretch every morning
  • Go to bed earlier in order to get the sufficient amount of sleep for your body

We encourage you to write down your New Year’s health goals, even if you aren’t a patient at Pangea Family Chiropractic. Schedule an email to be sent to yourself in three months so that you’re reminded to check on the status of your goals. Set yourself up for success in 2016 by writing down your New Year’s health goals. If you’re a patient at Pangea, or plan to be, we’ll mail you your goals in a few months. Talk to Dr. Andrew or Dr. Ashley for more information about setting your New Year’s health goals at Pangea Family Chiropractic.

Pangea Chiropractic

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