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Can We Use Chiropractic to Lower Blood Pressure?

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After a study conducted by the University of Chicago Hypertension Center surfaced, there has been much discussion about using chiropractic to lower blood pressure. Chiropractic care has many benefits in helping the body to heal naturally. Adjustments made by a chiropractor help the body find the proper balance among all of its systems, which are meant to work together. According to the study, there have been successful treatment using chiropractic to lower blood pressure.

Chiropractic to Lower Blood Pressure

By removing subluxations in the spine, chiropractic can help restore function to various systems within the body that are essential to human health. Using chiropractic to lower blood pressure has proven to show decreases in blood pressure equivalent to taking two blood pressure drugs at once.

  • The Chicago-area study comprised 50 participants with misaligned Altas vertebra, which is located high in the neck, and high blood pressure
  • Unlike other vertebrae, which interlock, the Atlas (or C-1) relies on soft tissue to maintain alignment, which makes it vulnerable to displacement
  • Displacement of the Atlas vertebrae often goes unnoticed because misalignment can occur without pain
  • Half of the participants received carefully planned adjustments based on their assessments
  • The other half received a “sham intervention”, designed to be indistinguishable from an authentic alignment
  • Participants were assessed after the alignment and again at the end of eight weeks

Lead author of the study, George Bakris, MD, director of the hypertension center at the University of Chicago Medical Center, reported an improvement in blood pressure, both systolic and diastolic readings, after the adjustment of the misaligned Altas vertebrae. Using chiropractic to lower blood pressure showed a reduction into the eighth week.

Realigning the C-1 vertebrae may be an answer to lowering dangerously high blood pressure due to its effect on blood flow. When twisted and misaligned, the C-1 vertebrae can pinch arteries and nerves at the base of the neck, which can cause many different types of conditions and diseases.

A larger study has been commissioned, which should provide more extensive information about using chiropractic to lower blood pressure. Contact Pangea Family Chiropractic for more information about using chiropractic to lower blood pressure.

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