Pangea Family Chiropractic in Bend, OR

After graduation, Andrew and Ashley sold their belongings and embarked on a 7-month adventure throughout India and SE Asia. Their mission was teaching others about the HEALING POWERS of chiropractic while honing techniques and philosophies that define the clinic they are opening in Bend, Oregon.

Their path lead them to taking over and growing an established chiropractic clinic in Solapur, India. The couple ran the practice for 3 months seeing one hundred-plus patients per day, while using their weekends to educate and volunteer care at orphanages and ashrams throughout central India.

During their time abroad, they developed the charity 2ChirosMission Outreach and were able to provide chiropractic care to thousands. Thanks to the many charitable donations, Andrew and Ashley were able to provide medical attention as well as redistribute the funds to orphanages and ashrams throughout India, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal.

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