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Benefits of Eating Local Produce Bend Oregon

By April 20, 2016January 21st, 2021No Comments

We’ve been seeing the stickers all over town for years – Make Local Habit. From products and services to your weekly grocery list, there are many ways to make local habit including eating local produce Bend Oregon. With the growing acknowledgement that eating genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has a variety of risks to your health, to the growth of our economy, it’s now more important than ever to eat local produce Bend Oregon.

Health Benefits

Eating local produce Bend Oregon, rather than GMOs, has a multitude of health benefits. Locally grown produce is fresh. Since it’s grown locally and doesn’t have to be imported for elsewhere you get the freshest produce available. Freshness means better, more nutritious foods. Exposure to air, artificial lights and temperature change decrease the nutritional value, which means the faster you can eat it, the better for you.

  • Processed foods contain refined carbohydrates, sugar, fat and preservatives as opposed to local produce Bend Oregon
  • Locally grown foods contain few chemicals
  • Foods grown locally don’t sit for as long as other produce, which means it tastes better due to freshness
  • Eating GMOs has many risks including an increase in food allergies, digestive problems, chronic illness and nutritional deficiencies

Support the Local Economy by Eating Local Produce Bend Oregon

Spending your money on local produce Bend Oregon stays close to home and is reinvested in businesses and services in our community. Supporting local farmers and growers means supporting your local economy.


By shopping close to home and eating non-GMO local produce Bend Oregon, you can engage with growers and be more active in understanding what you’re putting into your body. Eating local means you can talk to the growers directly and understand their farming methods and what pesticides they use. When you know where your food comes from and who grew it, you’ll understand more about your food, your diet and how it affects the community at large. Shopping at local Farmer’s Markets allows you to engage with the people who grow your food directly.

In Central Oregon, there are many options for eating local produce Bend Oregon. Dr. Andrew and Dr. Ashley order all of their produce locally from Organic Earthly Delights, a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) with a farm stand one mile south of Madras. All of the produce is organically grown and comes from local growers as often as possible. For a very reasonable price, Organic Earthly Delights offers home delivery.

Start playing an active role in your health by eating local produce Bend Oregon, and taking care of your body with chiropractic care from Pangea Family Chiropractic.

Pangea Chiropractic

Welcome to Pangea Family Chiropractic Bend, Oregon. Our purpose is to set people free with gentle adjustments and improved health. Our passion for education helps people regain control over their body, choose their destiny, and function as close to 100% as possible.

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