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Positively Influence Function with Improved Spinal and Postural Health

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We’ve been thinking about the effects of bad posture. An October 2004 study, published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, titled, “Hyperkyphotic Posture Predicts Mortality in Older Community-dwelling Men and Women: A Prospective Study”, evaluates hyperkyphosis, one of the most dangerous postures. Through this study, conclusions can be made that by improving spinal and postural health, you positively influence function and performance in the body.

Bad posture can also contribute to disease processes. By improving spinal and postural health with the help of a Bend chiropractor, you can improve function and performance while avoiding some disease processes.

Negative Effects of Hyperkyphosis

The hyperkyphosis posture includes a rounded back, hunched shoulders and a forward-leaning head. This posture decreases the lumbar curve and adds stress to the lumbar facets and discs. Sound familiar? Hyperkyphosis affects over 60% of the workforce, as it stems from sitting at desks and staring at computer screens for hours a day. In addition to the workforce, the posture is also seen as an effect of hunching over video games, cell phones and other devices.

The study found that:

  • Hyperkyphotic posture was more common in men than women
  • In age and sex-adjusted analyses, individuals with hyperkyphotic posture had a 1.44 greater rate of mortality (44%)
  • Hyperkyphotic posture was specifically associated with an increased rate of death due to atherosclerosis
  • For deaths due to atherosclerosis, participants with hyperkyphotic posture had a significant 2.4 times greater rate of death

While many may attribute bad posture to more cosmetic problems, it also contributes to decreased organ function. In addition to contributing to disease processes, bad posture can also cause early death over a period of time.

Improve Spinal and Postural Health

Chiropractic care helps improve spinal and postural health by correcting vertebral subluxations. By doing so, a Bend chiropractor can help add years to your life. By detecting and correcting vertebral subluxations, posture can improve, which leads to a positive influence on function and performance. Every chiropractic technique helps improve spinal and postural health, which in turn helps prevent early death and disease processes.

Contact Pangea Family Chiropractic to talk to a Bend chiropractor about how removing vertebral subluxations can help improve bodily function and performance.

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