We believe if the course of health care is to change, we must start at the beginning. The best way to do that is to care for pregnant mothers, instilling whole body health before a child enters the world. It’s important for parents to understand that chiropractic can be used for prevention and to help individual family members function as best as possible.

Many consider Dr. Ashley to be the foremost expert on pediatric chiropractic in Bend OR and the greater Central Oregon region. She regularly completes continuing education on obstetrics and pediatrics in addition to her chiropractic training, providing the forethought and background to provide optimal pediatric chiropractic care to the youth of Central Oregon. Dr. Ashley helps expectant mothers and children with growth, repair and immune function.

Pediatric and Family Chiropractor in Bend Oregon | Facts to Consider:

  • A growing number of people are choosing chiropractic care for their families
  • Care from a family chiropractor care is safe, gentle, and proven for preventive and symptomatic care for the entire family
  • Benefits growth, repair and immune function
  • Helps every member of the family function as best as possible
  • Pediatric chiropractic has great clinical success with bed wetting, asthma, ear infections, sinus issues, immune dysfunction, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, digestion, acid reflux, colic and even attention deficit disorders
  • A family chiropractor can help with your symptomatic pain relief so you can reach higher levels of physical performance

Dr. Ashley has special training working with pregnant mothers. During pregnancy, the women’s body is changing rapidly. The growing mother will have weight redistributed, hormones will relax ligaments, and the pelvic integrity will become weakened. It will become even more critical to see your Bend OR chiropractor.

Pangea Family Chiropractic works to make the birthing process as comfortable as possible for both mom and baby.

Care from a Family Chiropractor During Pregnancy Can:

  • Help decrease stress
  • Increase systemic function
  • Decrease tension on the womb
  • Decrease general aches and pains commonly associated with pregnancy
  • Increase immune function


Pediatric chiropractic benefits children during their critical time of growth and development. From squeezing through a very small space at birth to the falls and bumps encountered when learning to walk, run and ride a bike, chiropractic adjustments at a young age can improve structure, function and quality of life.


We’re excited to meet you, help relieve your pain and provide the tools necessary to help you function as close as possible to 100%. Pangea Family Chiropractic is more than a chiropractic office, it’s a movement.