Neck Pain

One of the major reasons people seek chiropractic care is to relieve symptoms associated with poor posture, traumatic injury, and breaking bad habits leading to their symptoms.

Radiating Pain

The area where the pain is felt, isn’t always the area where the problem originates. Traveling and radiating pain is often the “tip of the iceberg” and the Pangea doctors will get to the root cause

Pinched Nerve

When the bones in the spine (neck and back) misaligned, one of the most common symptoms is pinching on nerves. This pain can often travel and radiate to other areas in the body.

Low Back Pain

Greater than 80% of people will experience low back pain at some point in their lives. Excessive sitting, work related injuries, trauma and misaligned vertebrae are the major causes of low back pain.

Headache & Migraine

We have found that the major cause of headache and migraine are due to acute or chronic misalignments of the neck bones. Misaligned bones in the neck irritate the nerves that travel to the head leading to the source of most headaches and migraines.


Bones in the spine become misaligned for 3 major reasons: stress, trauma and or toxic lifestyle. Whatever the reason, many downstream symptoms begin to show up and can be effectively treated at Pangea


This condition is caused from misaligned bones in the lower back. These misalignments compress and irritate nerves leading to shooting/radiating pain down one or both of the legs.

Disc Bulge

A very common condition in the spine caused from compression of the disc (spacing between back bones). If left uncorrected, may lead to pinched nerves, radiating/shooting pain, arthritis and degeneration of the spine.


Concussions occur when there is trauma to the head and or neck. Concussions are a serious brain injury and must be properly treated in order to allow the brain and neck nerves to heal properly.

Pediatric Care

Children need chiropractic care as do adults. Whether due to a birthing trauma, falls when learning to crawl and walk, as well as poor posture from use of technology, chiropractic care for children is critical to support and stabilize a growing spine.

Pre/Post Natal Care

There truly is no better time to support the spine. During and after pregnancy the female body is rapidly changing. Correcting misalignment of the spine has shown to significantly decrease labor time and increase healing time after delivery.

Ear Ache/Infection

Research has shown that ear infections are a symptom of subluxation/misaligned bones in a child’s upper neck.

Auto Injury

Research has shown that even minor car accidents as small as 8 mph can lead to serious injury to the spine.

Workers Compensation

Many injuries occur in the workplace and can be properly treated with specific chiropractic care.

TMJ/Jaw Pain

The jaw joints can become misaligned leading to acute and chronic pain. Temporomandibular Joint Disease (TMJD) can be treated by our specially trained team of chiropractors.

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint is a commonly injured area of the body and can be related to misalignment of the joint itself, trauma, side sleeping and even subluxation/misaligned bones in the spine.

Rib Pain

The ribs attach to the bones of the spine and often become misaligned. Our doctors can detect and treat many different causes of rib pain.

Knee/Ankle Pain

Knee and ankle pain is commonly due to injury and imbalances in the pelvis. If the pelvis becomes twisted or imbalanced, it will often lead to pain in and around the knee/ankle. Our doctors are trained to assess and treat lower extremity injuries including ankle sprain and injury.


The Pangea doctors have several programs to fit your weight loss and/or nutritional needs. Whether looking for weight loss or supplementation needs, we will build a custom plan to assist you and your family in reaching your goals.

Sports Injury

We recognize that injuries occur when living the active Bend lifestyle. Our doctors will work with you to assess your condition and help keep you in the game.