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Chiropractic for Children | Helping with Attention and Learning Issues

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At Pangea Family Chiropractic, we’re firm believers in lifelong chiropractic care, from prenatal care in the womb through every phase of life. Chiropractic for children, in particular, has many benefits, especially for those experiencing learning, processing and attention disorders. Chiropractic for children helps them maximize spinal movement, which provides the brain with essential nutrition.

Attention Disorders in Children Trace Back to Spine

Treatment for children with attention and processing disorders often falls to oral medications, which can lead to lifelong chemical dependency. In order to avoid this and provide children the best opportunity to fully recover, it’s important to address the spine and nervous system. Research shows that children with attention and learning disorders often experience problems within the brain and nervous system, which contains a link back to the spine. Chiropractic for children can help improve the function of the brain and central nervous system.

  • More than 10 million children suffer from attention and learning problems
  • Pharmaceutical drugs can change behavior, but don’t address the cause
  • There’s more than one cause of attention and learning disorders
  • Each condition shares a common factor – the source traces back to the brain

Chiropractic for Children with Attention Disorders

With every chiropractic adjustment, the “central computer” of the body resets. Research published in 2014 cites a direct link between the influence of the parasympathetic nervous system and improvements of children with ADHD. Chiropractic for children increases the influence with every adjustment. This results in improvements in attention span, learning, processing and behavior. Children can experience improved central nervous system function through better spinal health.

Chiropractors help optimize central nervous system function, which uniquely benefits children with learning and attention disorders including ADHD, autism and sensory processing disorder. Choosing neurological-based chiropractic for children over the cycle of harmful drugs that don’t heal their bodies has delivered scientifically proven results. Chiropractic for children helps establish a fully functioning central nervous system, which supports their ability to learn and process.

Contact Pangea Family Chiropractic for more information about chiropractic for children with attention, learning and processing disorders. Through better spinal and posture health, children can experience improved central nervous system function.

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