Alyssa has lived all over the world including Uganda, Africa, yet she calls Bend home. The beauty and adventure have allured her to fall in love with this city for the last 6 years.

Alyssa was a patient before she was recruited to be Dr. Ashley and Dr. Andrew’s assistant. She has had the honor and privilege to learn from the best in the Chiropractic field. She takes her job seriously and yet has a ton of fun as you will see when she greets you at the door.

Alyssa is passionate about travel. She has been studying sign language for a couple of years and has been able to use it in the office as well as her last mission trip to the Philippines. On Alyssa’s days off, you might find her out on the hiking trails, dancing, or playing card games with friends. She is warm-hearted, kind, and with the right amount of sleep and caffeine, a bundle of fun, kinetic energy.

Since working at Pangea, any one that comes into contact with Alyssa learns how important chiropractic care can be for them. She has become immersed in the culture of chiropractic and has made it an irrevocable part of her lifestyle.